4 Reasons To Love Your Menstrual Cup

4 Reasons To Love Your Menstrual Cup

1) It saves you money: 

A menstrual cup costs anywhere from 800-1000 Rs depending on the brand. However, that purchase will last you around ten years, depending on your looking after it. It’s a significant saving!
Earthwise girls estimate that disposable pads/tampons cost approx. 23000-26000re every five years, based on spending 260-430 Rs per month. A menstrual cup will cost you 1000-1200 Rs for many years, depending on the cost. As mentioned above, that cup can last approx ten years. HUGE saving.

2) Healthier to use: 

Menstrual cups are healthier to use compared to tampons. Non-organic cotton tampons are known to contain dioxins left behind after bleaching. There have also been reported cases of roundup weed killer found in tampons! The vagina is one of the most absorptive areas of the body. And with no ‘filter’ between the vagina and blood vessels, the toxic rubbish in tampons can get directly into the bloodstream.

Menstrual cups are made of medical-grade silicone, which is safe for the body. It doesn’t leach anything into the body and sits there to collect menstrual fluid.

3) Saving the planet: 

In a person’s menstruating lifetime, they will throw away approx. More than 15000 pads/tampons. These will end up in landfills and take hundreds of years to break down. This is due to the plastics that do not break down. Some tampons and pads even wash out to sea and on our beaches. In 2014 the MCS (conservative marine society) collected 2579 pads/tampons/backing strips from selected beaches that participated in the clean-up. That was an almost double increase in the previous year.
⦁ A menstrual cup is reusable and can be safely disposed of at the end of its long life.
⦁ Excluding compostable brands like MedFem and other eco disposable brands.

4) Getting To Know your Body: 

Since I started using a menstrual cup, I’ve become well acquainted with my body. Before then, I didn’t really “know” my body. I never explored how my vagina and vulva looked or felt around to learn. This meant I was a stranger to my own body—no knowledge of how it worked or even handling confidence.
Using a cup meant that I had to learn through exploration. I knew my cervix, its location, and how it felt. Later I realized that it moves around during my cycle, which tied in with things like ovulation and menstruation. I learned a lot by simply ‘feeling around.’ I was finally in control of my body, which made me feel super confident.

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