Founder & CEO

Bhushan is an Entrepreneur and Business Consultant based in India. He is driven by a broad vision to provide opportunities to the Youth and empower them to become the future of Developing India. He wants Medlife Foundation not only to grow as a charity organization but also as an ideal of a Sustainable Future. He believes in an organization of disciplined people that brings social changes with innovation, connects youth, takes the lead in work, learns from experience, and helps people who urgently need the basics of life, mindful of their dignity and needs. He says, “We provide youth an opportunity to be the change and make a difference. We may not be able to perfect the world in our lifetime, but every effort we put forth counts.”



Sandeep is a multifaceted and multitalented young individual and a Social Entrepreneur who mentors the organization in its efforts to achieve Sustainable Growth. He has a strong background in handling initiatives and continuously works in the social sector to create a better society. He has been very passionate about social work and co-founded Medlife Foundation in 2016 with a mission to bring positive social changes and deliver value to society by improving the Quality of Life of poor people for the future. In his words, Medlife Foundation “understands the problems in society and wishes to play a pivotal role in making a difference.” He plays a vital role in growing the organization and society. He has done his pharmacy at North Maharashtra University. His hobbies include reading, traveling and socializing, and networking.