Medlife Foundation works to improve sports in our communities. This is in accordance with SDG 16 which calls for building peaceful, inclusive, and sustainable societies. In this domain, we:

Provide training and equipment to underprivileged schools.
● Organize sports competitions and tournaments
● Promote importance of physical fitness and sports participation.
● Advocate for increased funding for school sports programs.
● Extend support for school sports teams and coaches
● Engage sports organizations/clubs to sponsor/mentor talent.
● Provide technology support to budding underprivileged sports talents.
● Encourage pursuit of athletic interests beyond school setting.



Sports play an important role in the physical and mental well-being of individuals, especially in rural areas where access to sports facilities and equipment is often limited. At Medlife Foundation, we understand the power of sports in bringing communities together, building leadership skills, and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Through our sports Development program, we aim to provide opportunities for youth in rural areas to engage in sports activities and build a culture of sports in their communities. Our program includes training sessions, equipment donations, and organizing sports events and competitions. By promoting sports in rural areas, we not only promote physical and mental health, but also help youth develop important life skills such as teamwork, communication, and leadership. Ultimately, we believe that promoting sports in rural areas can help create a more inclusive and thriving society.