For pro-active, multi-lingual and willing to learn interns, the sky is the limit…

If you know any specific skill or you have a specific interest/wish list, do let us know. Our priority is to ensure that you get to explore your skills and strengths by working on different aspects of our processes. At the end of the day how much you learn from your stint at Medlife Foundation is up to you


1.  Write to us expressing clearly, why you want to join Medlife Foundation.

2. To know more about Medlife visit check out our social media channels- Facebook page, twitter handle, YouTube channel, Instagram.

3.  You can also visit our nearest Office.


Internship opportunities are offered at the Medlife Foundation Mumbai office. There isn’t any good or bad time to apply. However, there is a selection process.

1. Write to us on with your resume, preferred location and duration (dates) for your internship.

2. The minimum duration for an internship at Medlife Foundation is 3 months.

Stipend and Certification

No stipend is paid for internship at Medlife Foundation. Medlife foundation will give you valid certificate for your career.


No stipend is paid for internship at Medlife Foundation. Medlife foundation will give you valid certificate for your career.

Work from Home

The idea is to give you maximum exposure to our work environment therefore ‘Work-from- home’ is not encouraged. (Lockdown Situation ‘Work-from- home’ is allowed)

Working Hours

You will be working in close co-ordination with Team Medlife Foundation. We work Monday – Saturday (10am to 5pm) and expect the interns to follow the same timings.


Full Name
Phone No.
Email Address
Name of last attended School/College
Medlife Foundation does not provide any accommodation for interns. You are requested to make suitable arrangements.



Arisht Aveiro SCMHRD

“Medlife provided me with an opportunity to work on a project which aimed to solve a real social problem that India is facing. It provided me with a challenging work environment which tested me at times but with constant guidance and support from my mentors, I pulled through and crafted a successful solution that hopefully will make a change.’’

K Mandeep Kumar SCMHRD

“Medlife Foundation has been doing ground-breaking work for the promotion and Awareness of sustainable menstruation practices. Medlife provided a live project that enabled me to solve a real-world problem. The constant monitoring and guidance from the mentors helped me to overcome the difficulties faced during the project and formulate a sustainable solution.”


It was a wonderful experience to work at Medlife Foundation. I got to draft CSR proposals on top of writing for posts and making content for social media, which was something I had never done before. It was challenging as well as exciting. The last few months with Medlife Foundation have given me a peek into the world of the social sector. I learnt how an NGO works and how much effort it takes to run one. Thank you so much for the opportunity!


I would like to thank you for providing me with an invaluable learning experience during my time at Medlife Foundation as an graphic designer intern. It was an amazing experience working with you. I gained knowledge of how Instagram marketing works in the social sector. I was able to use my knowledge in a practical sense as I designed for various social media platforms. It was a bit challenging to manage all the work but it induced in me a sense of responsibility which will be beneficial for me in future. Thank you for time and patience during this internship.


My internship has given me the opportunity to see so much more about the IT field than I am able to learn in the classroom. I have developed many skills and have a much greater concept of what to expect after college. My internship has given me a greater understanding of what it is I have learned in the classroom and given me the opportunity to apply it to real situations. One of the greatest benefits that I have received is the knowledge that I actually enjoy doing what it is I have been studying for.