Medlife Foundation has been a great example for growth and improvement through the promotion of sustainable menstruation and healthcare. As a non-profit organization, we have organized various events, online programs, and health check-up camps, along with various health drive campaigns, with the support and efforts of our volunteers, interns, supporters, and donors. We are grateful for their cooperation and donations.

At Medlife Foundation, we are committed to advancing sustainable healthcare practices, particularly in the field of menstruation. As part of our efforts to expand our impact, we recognize the potential of corporate partnerships.

Corporate partnerships are usually collaborations with a short timeline and very focused objectives, events, campaigns, programmes or projects, where the key business of the corporate enterprise, and the work area of the NGO, converge.

We believe that such collaborations can help us achieve our goals by leveraging the expertise, resources, and reach of businesses in their respective fields. Our aim is to establish strategic, time-bound partnerships that are aligned with our mission and values, and can help us drive positive change in the communities we serve. Through such collaborations, we hope to make significant progress towards our vision of a sustainable and healthy India.


1. Ensuring the alliance is effective and successful. Sound documentation and knowledge of regulation safeguards the interest of the corporate foundation and the non-profit.

2. Identification & Due Diligence Assist in identifying suitable and credible NGO partners that meet CSR criteria. Due diligence of implementing nonprofits.

3. Review Advise and guide in drafting grant agreements, the terms of reference (TOR) and memorandum of understanding (MOU) between the corporate foundation & NGO partners

4. Compliance for Partnerships Non-applicability of TDS and GST on CSR grants and other compliance necessities.