We at Medlife work to develop villages by implementing a variety of programs and initiatives that address the specific needs and challenges of these communities. This is in accordance with multiple UN SDGs including 8 which calls for decent work and economic growth, 9 which calls for resilient infrastructure, and 11 which calls for sustainable communities. We,

  • Improve access to clean water, sanitation and provide education and vocational training in various skills such as carpentry, data entry, etc.
  • Work to improve farmers’ economic conditions through microfinance, bank loans, and job creation.
  • Promote sustainable development with environmentally friendly initiatives.
  • Build rural infrastructure, provide access to electricity, internet, and healthcare.
  • Identify Government schemes that aid farmers and help rural women and help them to avail these benefits.
  • Empower local leaders and villagers for community-led development.
  • Construct a Dream Village Project in rural Maharashtra, which is equipped with high-quality basic infrastructure, good education, and health facilities, decent livelihood opportunities, access to technology, and is environmentally sustainable.


Medlife Foundation plays a significant role in rural development by providing access to education, healthcare, and livelihood opportunities. By partnering with local communities and government bodies, we work towards improving the infrastructure and living conditions of people living in rural areas. Through sustainable agricultural practices and income-generating activities, we can also contribute to the economic empowerment of rural communities.

Additionally, we work towards preserving the environment and natural resources in rural areas, while promoting renewable energy and sustainable practices. Overall, our work in rural development can bring about positive social and economic changes that benefit both individuals and the community as a whole.